Essays on the Holy Armenian Church
Saints Levont and Vartan the Brave

Defended the freedom of Armenians
to be followers of Jesus Christ, in AD 451
The Armenian Flag
Links to helpful Armenian Sites

Renewal in Christ:  The Evangelization &
Ministry of Fr. Yeghia Hairabedian.
Hope for the Family:  Giving hope to Armenian
Families to help them fulfil their calling.
Armenian Apostolic Church Online Library:
Offers unique MP3 Sermons, etc.
The Narek Epistles:  Provides Armenians,
world-wide, an opportunity to share their faith.
Armenian Highland:
The Armenian Enlightenment Chronicle.
Rev. Fr. Shnork Souin's Home Page:  Many
interesting insights on Armenian Orthodoxy.  Sharing our Armenian Sacred
Hymns by a new communication medium.
The Armenian Prelacy:  This site has valuable
information and links.
Armenian History:  An excellent site for historical
information on Armenia.  Information on things pertaining to
the Armenian Church and our cultural heritage.
St. Andrew Information Network:
An excellent resource on the Armenian Church.
Armenian Research Center: The University of
Michigan-Dearborn Center for Armenian Studies.
A variety of Armenian cultural information.
Office of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh:
A fascinating site on an historic people.  The writings of the Armenian
Orthodox Ethicist Dr. Vigen Guroian
The Holy Mount Ararat
"Behold the rainbow & bless Him who made it
exceedingly beautiful in its brightness."
-Sirach 43:11
"Then the ark rested in the seventh month,
on the seventeenth day of the month, on the
mountains of Armenia."  -Genesis 8:4 (Vulgate)