St. Gregory the Enlightener
Sharing the Inextinguishable
Light of Christ
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The St. Gregory the Enlightener Institute...  was founded in A.D. 2010
on the feast of St. Stephen the proto-deacon & proto-martyr.

Our Rule of Life is simply to seek everyday:

1.  To live the Church’s Liturgy to its fullest:
 By keeping a daily rule of prayer based on the Church’s Liturgy,
The Smaller Armenian Breviary, (which contains the Morning, Evening and Night Hour ) and other Canonical
Services which we offer to God for His Church, the world and our salvation.  Since transferring to the Byzantine Church,
we now regularly offer the Divine Praises of the Vespers, Matins and the other Hours.

2.  To Share the Truth of Christ:  By learning God's Commandments, the Holy Scriptures and the teachings
of the Holy Church Fathers, in order to live and share them with others.

Video recording of the
Armenian Morning Hour Service and a short talk on the Eastern Churches
by Sub-Dn. Lazarus Der-Ghazarian
1.  Prayer and Witness

Following the example of St. Hripsimeh of Rome and her companion nuns
(3rd c. AD) who dedicated themselves to lives of prayer and virtue and gave
the ultimate witness to Christ our Lord as martyrs:  We seek to live a life of
prayer and service and to stand for Christ -even proclaiming what may be
the unpopular truth of the Gospel to those with "itching ears."

2.  Evangelization

Following the example of our patron, St. Gregory the Enlightener, who
endured extreme tortures and years of imprisonment in order to accomplish
the enlightenment of Armenia in AD 301, the first Christian nation:  We seek
to share the inextinguishable light of the orthodox faith of Jesus Christ by
every means possible to those still in the darkness of unbelief.

3.  Education

Following the examples of Sts. Sahag and Mesrob who in A.D. 403, under
Divine inspiration, created the Armenian alphabet and translated the
God-breathed Holy Scriptures, the Divine Liturgy and the writings of the
Church Fathers so that the Armenian people could grow in their knowledge
and understanding of the Orthodox faith:  We seek to build up Orthodox
Christians in their most holy faith.

4.  Repentance

Looking to St. Gregory of Narek (10th c.), the great Doctor of Repentance,
we are aware of our own sinfulness and that we all fall short of the glory of
God.  Knowing that we must first learn to repent, daily, before we can lead
others unto repentance:  We seek to keep the Church's canonical fasts and
feasts, follow a daily rule of prayer and give alms as the means of continuing
our own spiritual growth, repentance and healing.

5.  Ecumenism

Imitating St. Nerses the Gracefilled (12th c.), the great Father of
Ecumenism, who was a forerunner in establishing respectful dialogue
between the Armenian, Syriac, Byzantine and Latin Churches and one who
worked diligently to restore full Communion between them:  We seek to
build a greater bond of unity between our brethren of the ancient Churches.
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