Saint Andrew Young Adult

Hang Out With Fellow
Byzantine Catholics!


Deepen Your
Understanding of the
Eastern Christian


Develop Your
Relationship with
Christ & Attend
Church Services!


Hear Inspiring Talks
From Local Clergy
and Theologians!


Receive the Tools
Needed to Defend
Your Byzantine
Catholic Faith and
Share it with Others!

To have a network for Byzantine Catholics in the
Great Lakes Protopresbyterate, along with fellow
Orthodox and Roman Catholics, to take advantage
of local faith-enriching experiences, hang out with
fellow Christians and share faith-building information
with those interested in growing closer to God.




What is SAYAA?  SAYAA promotes events and provides resources so that
Christians ages 15-29 can come together, participate in fun activities and
games, talk with people of their own faith, hear from clergy and
theologians in their local area, and deepen their relationship with God
through participation in the Holy Mysteries (Sacraments) and services of the
Church.  Before SAYAA there were no youth groups in Michigan for
Byzantine Catholics.  SAYAA is an association for those who want more
than just an 8th grade understanding of their faith.  As we progress through
life it is vital to have an ever-maturing understanding of our faith so that we
do not lose it or come to view our faith as something childish.  Don’t miss
this opportunity to hang out with other Christians to discover together the
beauty of Christian life and the Eastern Christian Faith.

Don't just sit there and get indoctrinated with the world's faith and morals,
join SAYAA and discover the Truth of God and His Holy Church!
Want in on Faith-Filled Fun?
Contact SAYAA at for more info!