St. Athanasius the Great
Orthodox Outreach
St. Clair County Region, Michigan
Holy Trinity Orthodox Church
(OCA) in Detroit, Michigan is
our Mother Church, source
of Sacramental Life and
Pastoral Direction
1.  Who are we?  We are faithful Orthodox Christians from various
ethnic backgrounds who seek to worship God in English, the
common language of our land. We also seek to be obedient to our
hierarchs, pastors and the canons of the Orthodox Church. We
believe and are keenly aware that we have an obligation and a
command from God to share the Good News of the Gospel of
Jesus Christ with all those who are open and have the ears to hear
this Good News.

We do this for the good of others to bring the joy and happiness
into their lives which we ourselves received from faith in Christ
Jesus and the All-Holy Trinity. We also know we are sinners on our
own path of repentance and we implore the mercy of God upon
ourselves through Sacramental Confession and through ongoing
participation in the other Divine Sacraments of the Holy Church

2.  What is Our Goal?
 To establish an Orthodox Church for the
English-speaking people of St. Clair County, Michigan, for our

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6.  How Will We Do This (Short Term)?  We are beginning with
various online outreach efforts, consisting first of online Bible
Classes and other efforts to educate and disseminate the Orthodox
Faith. Once, God willing, a number of people express interest in
coming together as an Orthodox mission we will look for a location
to offer Reader Vespers Services in English, to allow us to come
together monthly as a Church to pray.

7.  How Will We Do This (Long Term)?  As time goes on, we will
seek more structured pastoral administration, sacramental and
spiritual support primarily from our Mother Church, Holy Trinity
Orthodox Church (OCA) in Detroit. Until then, we will strive to attend
weekly Divine Liturgy in our respective Churches for continued
spiritual strength as we continue on the path of divinization.  After
establishing weekly Reader's Vespers services we would next ask
for a monthly pastoral visit to have Divine Liturgy together as a
Church. We will build from there.
3.  Where Will this Be?  Our hope is somewhere in St.
Clair County (or Northern Macomb County), wherever God
allows.  We will work together with local Churches to see if
some will kindly work out an arrangement and loan us use
of their facilities until we can obtain our own.

4.  When Will this Be?  It is beginning now with the
pastoral blessing of our pastor and Mother Church.  As St.
Paul teaches, we will plant the seeds but it is God who
gives the growth.  It will be in God's good time as we
patiently work together on what we believe is His calling.  
With man this is impossible but with God, all things are

5.  Why Are We Doing This?  There is a great need for
Orthodox Outreach in the St. Clair Country region where
there is almost no representation or services available to
English-speaking Orthodox Christians.
The site is under construction. Lord willing,
more is to come. Thanks for your patience.